Officers’ Actions Justified

Written by Theresa Rose on September 10, 2015

On June 2, 2015, Fairfield Police Officers Kathy Blumhagen and David Wall were
involved in a pursuit of a motor vehicle being operated by Dakota Murray. The pursuit
ended approximately two miles south of Birmingh
am in Van Buren County. Officers
Blumhagen and Wall approached Murray’s motor vehicle. Murray drove his vehicle in
the direction of Officer Wall. Officers Blumhagen and Wall fired their service weapons
in the direction of the operator of the motor vehic
le. There was also a juvenile passenger
in the motor vehicle operated by Murray. No one was struck by the officers’ shots and
there were no injuries.
The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has conducted an investigation of the
incident and shared
the results of that investigation with the Van Buren County Attorney.
After a review, the Van Buren County Attorney has determined that the use of deadly
force by Officers Blumhagen and Wall was lawful. This decision has been
communicated to the Iowa DC
I, the Fairfield Police Chief and to Officers Blumhagen
and Wall.
Dakota Murray was charged in Jefferson County with
a pursuing law
enforcement vehicle. Murray has been convicted of that charge and is currently serving a
prison sentence in Iowa
. Upon his release from prison in Iowa, Murray will be extradited
to Missouri for a parole violation as a result of this incident. No further information will
be released at this time.