New Jail Site??

Written by Theresa Rose on September 19, 2017

It’s possible the new Henry County Law Center and Jail will be constructed in a different location.  Many different entities at the state and local level have been working on an agreement to build the facility on land currently owned by the state.  The Iowa Corrections Department might be willing to deed the county 6 acres along Grand Avenue.  The parcel is part of the land occupied by the Correctional Facility located just South of Cox Chiropractic. Midwest Construction, the project management company for the jail project, must provide Corrections officials with a description of how the county will use the land and a drawing of the type of building that would be constructed. No dollar amount has been discussed but in most cases like this the amount is something like $1.00.  That means the County wouldn’t have to use money intended for construction to buy land.  The county owned property off Iris Street poses some issues in terms of difficult terrain. The new site wouldn’t need the extensive, costly grading work. It would make the Iris Street property available to sell and…there wouldn’t be an issue with the F.A.A. due to the height of a necessary communications tower. It also would solve an issue for the City of Mt. Pleasant. The owner of the new Pleasant Manor Care Center, under construction south of HyVee, is taking the City to court to ask a judge to reverse a decision by the City Adjustment Board that gave permission for the county to build on the land, which is located in the city limits.  The proposed new location for the law center/jail would also fit better into the City’s comprehensive plan.