New Interim Supt

Written by Theresa Rose on October 9, 2015

Mt. Pleasant School district has a new interim superintendent. Former Mt. Pleasant supt John Roederer replaces Linda Brock. The school board voted Wednesday night to accept Brock’s resignation. Board president Dave McCoid then signed a contract with Roederer. Roederer will receive $136,000 salary. Brock’s contract was for the same amount. McCoid, and board members Carl Braun and Joy Conwell met with Brock to ask her to resign. McCoid emphasized the request had nothing to do with her competency or job performance. He explained that the board was split 4 to 3 on the decision to hire Brock for the interim position and that only one of the four who voted yes is still on the board. At that time Roederer has also interviewed for the interim job and would have been the choice if Brock had not accepted the district’s offer. Last night Regina Erikson was the only board member to vote against accepting Brock’s resignation and the only one voting no to appoint Roederer. She said there was no reason for Brock to resign and that board code of ethics says new boards accept past board decisions and move forward. Apparently Erikson was not involved in prior discussion regarding the supt position. She questioned the legality of the discussion that McCoid said took place August 23, with only three board members present, not a majority and before current new members were elected. Therefore the meeting was not illegal. Erikson also questioned the contract with Roederer saying it was a conflict of interest for McCoid to draw up the contract. McCoid, a local lawyer, said he was not paid to write the contract and simply used the same form as Brock’s. Erikson was also concerned about the lack of transparency in negotiating Roederer’s contract.