Mt. Union Properties Sell

Written by Theresa Rose on June 27, 2017

It sounds like Mt.Union residents won’t have to worry about the fate of the community park.  Donna Preston bought the park and was adamant it would remain a place where community kids can continue to play every day.  Preston ended up with the high bid for the park at an auction of sorts held during this morning’s supervisors meeting.  It was a full house for the bid opening and public hearing with five people submitting bids for the park and seven submitting bids for the maintenance building.  Preston’s original bid was one thousand and one dollars.  She ended up paying $3,500 for the park located adjacent to the old school building which Preston also owns. David Becker made an original offer on the maintenance building in the about of $7,500 and was willing to go to $25,000 in order to purchase the property.  He said he would use it for storage.

The Mt. Union citizens group that has invested time and money in developing the park was concerned about what would happen to the property and had approached the county about purchasing it when they realized it might be sold.  This was before the state city development board asked the county to handle the sale of the former city’s assets.  Preston felt sure she would get help from the group maintaining the park and she said there is some money available for a few improvements.

Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber has not received any information regarding the Mt. Union Community Building.  The city of Mt. Union borrowed money to build it and it’s not paid for yet.  Barber said the lean holder might foreclose on the property or could file a claim with the city development board.