Mt. Pleasant Utilities Board Meeting Report

Written by Theresa Rose on February 22, 2017

The Mt. Pleasant Utilities Board of Trustees met in regular session Tuesday. Manager Jack Hedgecock told the board that the Baker Street improvement project is ready to go as soon as the weather permits.  There was a pre-construction meeting, the DNR permits are back and  $30,000 worth of materials are ready. The Utilities portion of the project to reconstruct most of Baker Street involves replacing 1500 feet of 4 inch cast iron water main with 6 inch pvc.  The work will be done in the right of way on the south side of the street.  30 water services on the street will be replaced and work will be done under the Baker and Lincoln street intersection.


Another Utilities project is the relocation of the water distribution system on the west end of Hearth and Home Technologies in preparation for the expansion of the building. That is an $82,000 project but Hedgecock believes that maybe that cost can be cut as they work to find savings for the customer.


Legislation regarding collective bargaining will affect the Utilities employees.  Hedgecock said things are kind of in limbo while everyone waits to see what affect an AFSME lawsuit will have.  The State Utility Association is at the capital following the legislative events closely and representing local utilities. Utilities lawyer Dave McCoid said the biggest issue is insurance….how the deductible will change and what the employees will have to pay since the only thing the union will be able to negotiate is wages.