Mt. Pleasant Street Projects Update

Written by Theresa Rose on May 18, 2018

North Jefferson St.

Jones Contracting is setting steel and forms on North Jefferson St. Monroe St. to Madison St. today May 17th and will be pouring the mainline on Jefferson St. today May 17th.

After the Monroe St. intersection is cleaned up in the afternoon of Friday May 18th they will open Monroe St. to traffic. Jones Contracting will be working next week paving the parking areas followed by finishing sidewall approaches and the red slopes. During this time period they will also be paving back the Madison St. Intersection.  Plans are to complete the North Jefferson St. part of the Project by June 1st weather permitting.

South Main St.

Kinney & Sons are working on placing engineering fabric and granular subbase from South St. to Langdon St. today May 17th. Drish Construction is finishing the sanitary manhole and sewer replacement in the Langdon St. & South Main St. Intersection today May 17th. They then have another manhole replacement and sewer replacement North of Langdon St. on South Main St. to complete by May 22nd  weather permitting. At this time Kinney & Sons will complete placing the engineering fabric and granular subbase to the center of the driveway to the North apartment North of Langdon on the West side of South Main St.

Wednesday May 23rd  they will be closing South Main St. from the North Side of Webster St. to the South side of Clay St. all cross streets will also be closed at South Main St. Kinney & Sons will be starting pavement removal and sanitary and storm sewer work.

Jones Contracting will either start paving on South Main St. the 25th of May or Tuesday May 29th after the Memorial Weekend. They will be paving from North side of South St. North to center of the driveway to the North Apartment North of Langdon. Home owners will be able to access their driveways until crews start setting string lines to pave.

Monday May 21st they will be closing the South St. & South Main St. Intersection. Kinney & Sons will be replacing the sanitary manhole and laying new storm sewer pipe and installing new storm sewer intakes. Mt. Pleasant Utilities have a hydrant they will be relocating at the NE corner of South St. & South Main St.  the 24th or 25th of May. Weather permitting we plan to start paving the South St. Intersection back by June 4th. The South St. & South Main St. Intersection will be closed to traffic for 3 weeks weather permitting.

Jay Street Sewer Project

Mt Pleasant Utilities are abandoning water mains in the South Locust St. & Green St. Intersection today May 17th through May 22nd and Drish Construction will be starting on the sanitary sewer construction May 23rd weather permitting.

Mapleleaf Athletic Complex Parking Lot Paving

Fye Excavating have started this week excavating for the new paving of the parking lot. The School and Fye Excavating have been working together to install a fenced walkway at the East and West ends of the parking lot for access to the Athletic Complex. Please use these walkways for your safety as there are a lot of large pieces of equipment working in the area. The Mt Pleasant Utilities will be connecting a new water line to the Athletic Complex from Maple leaf Dr. May 23rd to May 25th. Weather Permitting Jones Contracting plans to start paving on the parking lot the first week of June.