Mt. Pleasant Street Projects Update

Written by Theresa Rose on May 16, 2019

Sanitary Sewer Rehab Point Repairs


Hagerty Earthworks are working on a manhole replacement today May 16th on the North side of Green St. in the Alley between S. Locust St. & S. Harrison St. Tomorrow Friday May 17th Hagerty will be pouring a patch in the centerline of E. Henry St. & N. Poplar St. They will not start on the patch until School is in session. At 8:30 A.M. they will begin to dig out the patch and pour concrete. This intersection will stay closed over the weekend and be opened to traffic first thing Monday morning.

On Monday May 20th Hagerty will start work on a manhole replacement at the intersection of N. Harrison St. & E. Monroe St. This manhole is in the NW corner of the intersection. Once they get another manhole shipment we will no where they will be working the remainder of the week and I will post next week.



Jay Street Sanitary Sewer Project


Drish Construction plans to finish manhole adjustments and final grading on E. Madison St. next week by May 24th weather permitting. Weather permitting Jones Contracting will start paving Jay St. Monroe St. North to Madison the week of May 27th . They will then turn the Corner and pave E. Madison St. East Madison St. will be poured in two pours. Sidewalk and driveway construction will follow the paving.



Bergdahl Ct., W. Hill Ave. & N. Hayward Circle Paving


Jones Contracting is fine grading the subbase today May 16th and will pave W. Hill Ave. tomorrow May 17th. Once this is paved and the pavement reaches maturity Monday May 20th Jones Contracting will seal Joints and start pouring driveways back. Once the street is sealed homeowners will be allowed to park on W. Hill Ave. until the driveways reach maturity.

Starting Monday May 20th we will also start preparing the remainder of Bergdahl Ct. from just North of W. Hill Ave. to King Dr. to pave. The plan is to pave this section the first day that the weather will allow. Once this is paved the driveways will be poured as soon as the street reaches maturity.



South Jefferson Street Improvements


Traffic Lights are going up just South of the North Entrance to Arbor Court and just South of Corry Ct. They will be flashing yellow until Monday May 20th when they will be switched to stop and start traffic on an alternating basis. From the  South stop light to the center of Corry Ct. all traffic will be one lane and will travel on the East side of S. Jefferson St. North/South. There will be no traffic allowed to enter or exit from South St. South St. All traffic exiting Corry Ct. will only be allowed to travel North on S. Jefferson St.

Kinney & Sons will be starting Monday May 20th to remove the west half of S. Jefferson St. pavement and start grading, and drainage work for replacing of the pavement between The centerline of Corry Ct. and the South End of the Project at the South stop light. They will also be starting tree and brush removal on the sides of Jefferson St. 350’ North of the centerline of Corry Ct. to 300’ South of the centerline of Yocum Lane.

Depending on weather it will most likely be the later part of May or first week of June before the West half of S. Jefferson is placed from the centerline of Corry Ct. to the South End of the Project.



Central Business District Reconstruction


Tomorrow Friday May 17th at 8:30 A.M. the Mt Pleasant Utilities will be starting their last tie in and disconnect to abandon the old 6” waterline along the North side of Monroe St. They will have the intersection of Main St. & Monroe St. shut down to East/West traffic and North bound on Main St. while doing this disconnect in Main St.  The Mt Pleasant Utilities have ran into many unforeseen problems in abandoning this old watermain.

Kinney & Sons will continue removing street surface in the North half of Monroe St. Once the 6” watermain is abandoned Monday May 20th Kinney & Sons plan to start the storm sewer work along the North side of Monroe St. This involves setting a manhole over the existing storm sewer main in the Alley North off Monroe St. To install this manhole we will also need the help of the Mt Pleasant Utilities rerouting an electric line that feeds the street lights and lays over the top of the storm sewer. Once all drainage lines and structures are set along Monroe St. Jefferson St. to Main St. Kinney & Sons will continue to grade and prepare this stretch for paving.

Mike Nelson Concrete Paving Company has finished today Thursday May 16th pouring the red brick pattern on the Sidewalk on the East side of Main St. from Washington St. to Monroe St. Tomorrow Friday May 17th all Pedestrian traffic will be able to use the 6’ wide ADA compliant sidewalk placed adjacent to the buildings.

Mike Nelson Concrete Paving Company plans to start placing pavement along the North side of Monroe St. sometime the week of May 27 to May 31st weather permitting.