Mt. Pleasant Street Projects Update

Written by Theresa Rose on August 3, 2018

South Main Street

Jones Contracting will be working on remaining sidewalk, and driveway replacement on South Main St. Green St. to Clay St. in the coming week of August 6th to August 10th. The plan is to pave the West side of South Main St. from Clay St. to Washington  St. either the afternoon of Tuesday August 7th or Wednesday August 8th in the A.M. If the Paving gets completed August 7th they will plan on paving the West side on Friday August 10th or Monday August 13th.

Kinney & Sons continue grading and working on drainage structures and Sanitary Sewer repairs on South Main St. from 704 S. Main St to Webster St. in the coming week.  They are working towards having South Main Street from Webster to Washington St. completed by August 24th.

Jay Street Sewer Project

Jones Contracting will be paving South Locust St. from Green St. to Warren St. Friday August 3rd and will be working on hand pours to get intersections of Green St. & S. Locust St. and Warren St. & South Locust St. completed during the week of August 6th to August 10th weather permitting.

Drish Construction will continue to work on the Sanitary Sewer Replacement on Warren St over to Jay St. and then be proceeding North on Jay St. in the coming week of August 2nd to August 10th weather permitting.

Mapleleaf Athletic Complex Parking Lot

The new parking lot construction is nearing completion. All of the parking lot will be completed tomorrow August 3. Myers Tree Farm will complete placing the permeable pavers today August 2nd and Jones Contracting is finishing pouring the new sidewalk along Mapleleaf Dr. Fye Excavating the General Contractor for the project is working on backfill and cleanup.

Alliant Gas is still working on the relocating of the 6” gas main from the North side to the South side of Mapleleaf Dr. they hope to have this work completed by August 8th which will then allow Jones Contracting to finish placement of the new sidewalk. Mt. Pleasant Utilities will be finishing running conduits and setting new street light bases on the sidewalk to the West end of the parking lot tomorrow August 3rd then Jones Contracting will be planning on coming in next week after the Utility Companies complete their work to finish pouring the sidewalks.

Mt Pleasant Community School District has been busy having a Contractor installing a new black chain link fence along the North side of the parking lot and once the cleanup is completed the first of the week of August 6th to August 10th they will have a Contractor stripping the parking stalls on the parking lot.

This new parking lot that was built by the City of Mt Pleasant and the Mt Pleasant School District along with a grant from the IDNR is a huge undertaking to offer a state of the art parking facility for the Mapleleaf Athletic Sports Complex.