Mt. Pleasant School Supt Interview Stakeholder Groups

Written by Theresa Rose on December 31, 2015

The Mt. Pleasant School Board approved five stakeholder groups that will participate in the superintendent interview process. The individual members of each group were approved by the Board at its’ most recent meeting. The School Board will make up one group. The Faculty/Staff/Administration group is made up of: The Parent group is made up of:
Mike Wilson Angie Jandrey Sara Titus Ryan Duffy
Lori LeFrenz Diane Walker Dr. Joe Tansey Linda Raub
Scot Lamm Elisha McMullin Kevin Knox Jeremy Klopfenstein
Mark Porth Nate Lange Terry Jerrel Cory Johnston
Ruth Sutherland Nicki Ensminger Ron Carrillo Jason Johnston
Amy Pullis Deb Vroom Cindy Shumaker Stephanie Stubbs
Adam Creager Jessica Tarbell Carla McNamee Jacqueline Baugh
Brandon Harrison Sara Kremer Shannon Genkinger
Meredith Lee Vickie Hatfield

The members of the Community group are: Members of the student group will be named later. The School Board hopes to have the finalists selected by January 11 and will schedule interviews for the last week of January.
Todd Batey Teri Bockting
Greg Peck Michelle Rosell
Holly Frary Kent White
Meg Richtman Chris Van DeBerg
Matt Donnolly Ryan Matheny
Matt Schimmelpfennig Diana Juntunen
Dr. Jeff Sitar Colin McCormick