MPCHS Individual Speech Contest March 11

Written by Theresa Rose on March 10, 2017

Going to state for individuals on the 11:

Willow Barton – Storytelling

Elijah Helton – Original Oratory and Spontaneous Speaking

Riley Kempker – Acting and Prose

Brooke Fraise – Musical Theater

Jacob Crooks – Prose

Cassandra Munford – Musical Theater

Jessica Whaley – Review

Starr Bujanowski – Storytelling

Heather Wilson – Original Oratory

Emily Helton – Storytelling


For the state competition in February for large group, here are the names of students in attendance for various team events:

Riley Kempker, Delaney Wilson, Trevor Lambert, Elijah Helton, Emily Helton, Jacob Crooks, Maddy Gooden, Ally Wixom, Cassandra Munford, Willow Barton, Piper Wiley, Jaci Childres, Noemi Gonzalez, Starr Bujanowski, Heather Wilson, Jessica Whaley, Brooke Fraise, Emely Duron-Portillo, Darrick Fraise