MP School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on February 10, 2015

The last item on the board agenda Monday night was the approval of the superintendent’s contract. Prior to that the board went into closed session to evaluate the professional competency of an individual and based on that last item, it was assumed the board was evaluating Supt. Wells. After two hours the board reconvened in open session and voted to table a decision on Well’s contract. That vote was not unanimous. Regina Erikson and Lon Morrow voted against tabling.

During a special meeting Monday night, Heather Snavely was sworn in to replace Michelle Scubal, who resigned, on the Mt. Pleasant School Board. Snavely and a second candidate, Chuck Andrew were interviewed during the special meeting. The board did not vote unamiously for Snavely. Carl Braun and Ken Feldman cast nay votes and Board President Lyle Murray abstained. Snavely and her husband Dan have four children who attend Mt. Pleasant Schools. She has degree in teaching and works from home for Dr. Chris Olson. Snavely will finish out Scubal’s term and will have to run again in the next school election if she wishes to continue on the board. There are indications that Andrew will run in that election for that seat. Ordinarily that would be at the next regular school board election in September. However the school board is considering a special June 30th election to change the language in the district’s revenue purpose statement.
The board has approved a facility committee to create a recommendation on our elementary building issues, athletics, and other building projects. We are planning on spending our state wide penny sales tax funds to accomplish these projects. The original revenue purpose statement for our district was specific to secondary projects. In order to use these funds for the elementary projects we must pass a new revenue purpose statement. This requires a community election and a 50%+1 majority to pass. THIS IS NOT A PROPERTY TAX ISSUE AND DOES NOT RAISE TAXES, but is rather a language change. The dates available for an election are:
Dr. Wells recommends the June 30th election date which means the board will need to pass a resolution at the May board meeting or before.