MP School Board Decides on Budget Reductions

Written by Theresa Rose on March 14, 2017

Budget Reduction Recommendation

All day PD and no support staff, reduce number of student days

Pros of Full Day – Some cost savings, ability to improve depth of conversation (not rushed), fewer teacher transitions, less teacher fatigue than ½ day, more instructionally effective to have full-day PD than ½ day teaching and ½ day PD

*******is there a way to do a combination of some full day, some ½ day PD?******

Custodian Savings – $17,784 (8 days)

Bus Drivers – $13,644 (6 days and includes fuel)

ParaEducators -$12,500 (12.5 hrs. at $1,000/hr.)

Total – $43,928

Letter B.  Move some building equipment purchases to sales tax or PPEL

Pros – Does not affect instruction, maintains equip. purchases

Savings – $20,000

Move non-instructional software and annual fees to sales tax or PPEL

Pros – Not Human Resources

Savings – $35,000

Drop MISIC membership

Pros – some savings, can still get MAP assessment

Savings – $2,000

Reduce 6 para-educators (6 total)

Pros – each position saves approx. $18,000,

Reduce core teachers at MS to 4 (5 positions)

Pros – significant savings, no impact to programs

Savings – $257,224

Realign Electives at MS

Pros – good savings

Savings – $76,639

Reduce a pre-school teaching position

Pros – can be done by attrition, saves a full position and para

Savings – $55,403

 Eliminate Junior Kindergarten

Pros – saves a full position and a para, opens a room at Van Allen, lines up with the Dept. of Ed. expectations, moves away from retaining students, perhaps makes it easier to identify learning discrepancies earlier (if they are all getting a kindergarten curriculum.

Savings – $56,203 (figuring in the $18,000)

Reduce Elementary Art to .6

Pros – there is time in the schedule to do this

Savings – $39,587

Reduce one English at HS

Pros – saves a full position by attrition (long-term substitute), opens a room at the high school

Savings – $58,865

Retirement Only Savings

HSAP Savings – $14,814

Elem. Retiree Savings – $31,577

Elem. Retiree Savings – $33,526

Elem. Sp. Ed. Savings – $5,000


5th Grade Position Savings – $10,000

Total Highlighted – $829,982