MP Board Decides to Interview Another Supt Candidate

Written by Theresa Rose on July 8, 2015

Selection of an interim supt was on the Mt. Pleasant School board agenda for last night’s meeting, however, it was apparent that only half of the members present were prepared to make that decision. Six of the seven were in attendance. Three, Dave Christianson, Carl Braun and Chuck Andrew, voted to move forward. Board President Regina Erikson stated she was not prepared to select one of the three candidates the board ended up interviewing. One was interviewed last night in closed session and the name was not released. Last night in open session the board interviewed Craig Scott and John Roederer. Lon Morrow and Brad Holtkamp also voted against make the selection last night. In fact, Erikson, Morrow and Holtkamp were in favor of scheduling a fourth interview with former New London and Central Lee supt Chuck Rieghard. Erikson was informed by temporary superintendent Dr. John Sheldahl that Riegard’s name was unintentionally left off the original list of candidates provided by Sheldahl. After much discussion it was finally decided to schedule an interview.
Tuesday night it was standing room only for Dr. John Roederer’s interview with the Mt. Pleasant school board. The interview was held during an open meeting in the district office conference room. The former, long time Mt. Pleasant superintendent was interviewing for the interim position with the district. Even though the board wasn’t ready to make a decision last night, it was apparent many in the crowd were there to show support for Roederer. The group included several former school board members, former and current teachers and community members. During his interview, Dr. Roederer acknowledged it was an ackward situation for him and the board but he said he was there because he wanted to be of service to the board and the district. He said he wanted to re-establish trust so the district can move forward. Roederer said he believes an interim supt must communicate and continue to build relationships with community and staff, keep the district moving forward and most importantly create conditions that will enhance the success of the next supt.