Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on November 13, 2017

Date  November 13, 2017  6:00 PM 

Mount Pleasant Community School District:  High School Media Center

Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641

1.  Call to Order
2.  Roll Call
3.  Approval of Agenda
4.  Citizen Comments
5.  Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
6.   Reports
a.      Instructional Services
i.     Update on School Improvement Advisory Committee Recommended Student Learning Goals
including Measures of Academic Progress Assessment procedures and data – Katie Gavin, Dir. Of                      Instruction
b.      Administrative Services
i.      Superintendent’s Report
1.      IASB Convention – Nov. 15-17, Des Moines
2.      School Improvement Advisory Committee Meeting – November 20
3.      November Board Work Session – November 27
4.      Certified Enrollment Update
5.      FY19 General Fund Budget Reduction – Early Retirement Incentive
6.      Update on Construction Management Proposals
7.      District Boundary Change Request
c.       Board Committee Reports
i.      Finance
ii.      Site
iii.      Policy
7.      Other Board Communications
8.      Consent Items
a.  Personnel
b.  Open Enrollment
9.   Unfinished Business
New Business
10. a.      First Reading of Board Policy Series 400 Staff Personnel with Recommendations to Post Notice of
Intended Action (Motion)
i.      Policy 401.2 Discrimination Grievance Procedure – address change
b.      Second Reading of Recommendation to Post Notice of Intended Action (Motion)
i.      Board Policy 707.6 Local School Food Authority Procurement
c.       School Budget Review Committee Request for Modified Allowable Growth for Open Enrollment and
Limited English Proficiency
d.      Cooperative Agreement for Football with Danville CSD – Scot Lamm, Activiites Director (Discussion)
e.      Adjournment