Mount Pleasant City Council Meeting Agenda

Written by Theresa Rose on June 26, 2019

The Mount Pleasant City Council will meet in regular session Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at City Hall, 307 E. Monroe Street, second floor meeting room at 5:30 pm.




  1. Roll Call.


  1. Consent Agenda: To the Public – All items with an asterisk (*) are routine

by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion and a roll call of the Council-

members.  There will be no separate discussion of items unless the Mayor, a Councilmember

or citizen so request, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and

will be considered in its normal sequence on the Agenda.


  1. Receive & file communications-


  1. Approve agenda.


*5.  Approve minutes of previous meeting.


*6.  Approve payment of bills.


*7.  Receive reports of Officers –


  1. Old Business –
  2. 5:30 pm Public hearing on proposed plans, specs, form of contract for Airport 15/33 Runway Reconstruction Project.


  1. Resolution approving award of Airport Runway 15/33 Reconstruction Project.


  1. Consider motion to approve submittal of Grant Application to FAA for Airport

Rehabilitate Runway 15/33 project.


  1. Consider motion to approve Construction Observation & Administration Services

Agreement with McClure Engineering for Runway 15/33 project


  1. Consider motion to approve Quality Assurance Testing Services Agreement for

Airport Rehabilitate Runway 15/33 project.


  1. 2nd reading of proposed ordinance rezoning 103 South Marion from R-4 (Modular, Manufactured & Mobile Home Community District) to R-3 (Multiple Family Dwelling District) (103 S. Marion-Kinney & Richards).


  1. 2nd reading of proposed ordinance amending accessory building height & location requirements.


  1. 2nd reading of proposed ordinance regarding small animal veterinary clinics in B-3

(General Retail & Service Commercial) zoning districts.


  1. Approve Change Order No. 1 on the Bergdahl Court, West Hill Dr. & N. Hayward

Circle street improvements project.


  1. Resolution approving acceptance of Bergdahl Court, West Hill Drive & North

Hayward Circle street improvements project.


  1. Mayoral appointments – Airport Advisory Board


*                l)   Renewal application for a Class Westside Tap, 119 S. Jefferson Street.


*           m)     Application for a 5 Day Class B Beer Permit & Outdoor Service Permit for Henry

County Fair Board in McMillan Park.


*                n)  Application for use of Outdoor Amplified Sound System.



New Business –

  1. Resolution approving sanitary sewer easement with Nypro Realty Limited Partnership

at North Harvey Road.


  1. Approval of site plan for Jabil warehouse addition at 400 North Harvey Road.


  1. Approve special parking permit for 605 S. Jefferson Street.


  1. Resolution approving amendment of Trail Phase VI project.

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  1. Resolution authorizing acquisition of easement from Hassenfritz Farms.


  1. Application for issuance of Class C Liquor License for Jefferson Street Grill at

121 North Jefferson Street.


  1. Public Forum.


  1. Adjourn.