Mount Pleasant Central Business District Street/Walk Work

Written by Theresa Rose on June 27, 2019

Mike Nelson Concrete Paving is busy today Thursday June 27th pouring the regular concrete on the East Side of North Main St. between Monroe St. & Madison St. Tomorrow Friday June 28th crews will be pouring the red brick pattern and this will complete the 6’ wide ADA Compliant sidewalk for access to all businesses.

Crews will then move over tomorrow afternoon to the West side of North Main St. Monroe St to Madison St. and start removing the bricks next to the buildings and installing the wooden walkways for access to all Businesses.

The plan is to get the sump pump drains extended from the buildings on Monday July 1st so Mike Nelson Concrete can hopefully start forming the sidewalks on the West side Tuesday July 2nd.

There will be no work on the Project Thursday July 4th. A decision on Friday July 5th has not been made yet for working on the square.

Mt Pleasant Utilities are flushing the watermain on Jefferson St. between Washington St. & Clay St. today Thursday June 27th. They will be testing tomorrow and finishing bacteria tests over the weekend. If all tests pass the plan is to start installing new water services Monday July 1st.