Most Recent List of Henry County Road Closures

Written by Theresa Rose on May 31, 2019

Roads currently closed (5/31/2019) due to water over the road:


Salem Rd (J-20) @ Bridge E of Lowell

250th St – W of Franklin Ave

Graham Ave (dirt section) between 150th St and 160th St

Henry-Jefferson Ave – S of Merrimac Rd

208th St between White Oak Rd and 200th St

253rd St (Oakland Mills) – Franklin Ave east

Freedom Ave (Oakland Mills) – N of 253rd St

265th St (Faulkner’s Access)

Graham Ave – E of Fremont Ave

260th St (Gibson Park)

Agency Rd between Benton Ave and Clayton Ave

Perkins Rd – N of Salem Rd

225th St – W of Racine Ave

320th St – W of New London Rd

Cass Ave – S of 260th St