Mapleleaf Street Update

Written by Theresa Rose on July 21, 2016

Starting Tuesday July 26th crews will begin putting up traffic control and road closure signs on Mapleleaf Drive from Lincoln Street to Cherry Street. Patching crews will be removing and replacing pavement patches. We will start at Lincoln Street and progress East. The section from Lincoln Street to Palm Ave. will be closed entirely in order for crews to complete the patching. The section from Palm Ave. to Cherry Street will be removed and patched one side at a time. The roadway will be closed except for Local Traffic. We will also be replacing  the sidewalk on the North side of Mapleleaf Drive from Palm Ave. to Cherry Street. We will be removing and replacing driveways on the North side in order to make them meet the ADA Requirements where the sidewalks will cross the driveways. This process should take one to two weeks weather permitting for all the street patching to be completed. Anyone having any questions can call or email me at the contact information below. Kinney & Sons continue to work on the storm sewer installation on Mapleleaf Drive East of Harvey Drive to Walmart’s East Drive to their Parking Lot. Weather permitting we are looking at the week of August 22nd to start paving on Mapleleaf Drive on the current phase.