Mapleleaf Construction Update

Written by Anna Greiner on September 9, 2016

All traffic into Walmart Distribution Center Employee Parking Lot and Lomont Molding shall enter their Businesses from Iris Street for Walmart and Lomont Back Entrance for Lomont Molding Monday morning September 12th. At 8:30 A.M. Traffic Control will be switched to allow all Employees from Walmart Distribution Employee Parking Lot and Lomont Molding Office Parking Lot to Enter and Exit by way of West on Mapleleaf Drive to Grand Ave. At this time Mapleleaf Drive will be shut off from Iris Street West to the East Side of the Lomont Driveway. Crews will still be finishing pouring Intake Box outs and backfilling and final grading within phase 2. Please use caution while entering and exiting. Cres will then begin removal of pavement and grading on the final phase of the Mapleleaf Drive project. This work will take approximately 4 weeks. The Only Traffic on Mapleleaf Drive East of Harvey Drive should be Walmart Distribution Employees, Lomont Molding Employees and Trucks using the Burlington Junction Railway Yard. There will be no Outlet other than into these Businesses Parking Lots.