Man Charged in 20 Year Old Murder Case Recently Attended Local Council Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on August 13, 2015

Some local officials immediately recognized the arrest photo of a man charged in a 20 year old murder case. 54 year old Steven Klein of Mt. Pleasant was arrested July 17 at his job in Muscatine by Johnson county authorities and charged with first degree murder in the 1995 death of Susan Kersten. Klein lives on North Hamlin Street in Mt. Pleasant and has recently been vocal about the condition of his neighbor’s property. June 24 he spoke during the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting public forum. He and another neighbor, Jim Shafer were there to ask the city to do something about the resident at 502 N. Hamlin who has over 10 dogs that bark and apparently aren’t well cared for. Klein told the council his house now has fleas because of the dogs next door. Klein also said he was told by realtors he would have a hard time selling his home due to the condition of his neighbor’s property. At an earlier point in time Klein presented city officials with a petition signed by surrounding property owners asking that the residents at 502 N. Hamlin be asked to leave the neighborhood. Klein has been a person of interest in Susan Kersten’s murder since her death. Kersten’s body was found in her burning car 2 miles south of Iowa City on September 24th 1995. An autopsy determined Kersten died from blows to the head. Investigators determined she was killed and then an accident was staged to make it look like the car left on the road and the car was set on fire. Klein and Kersten were never married but had children together. Klein is being held in the Johnson County Jail.