Local sTEP Results

Written by Theresa Rose on July 7, 2016

Between July 1-5, 2016, the Mount Pleasant Police Department participated in the sTEP (special Traffic Enforcement Program). There were 186 contacts throughout the program. There were 17 tickets issued and 64 warnings issued. There were 12 motorist assists and three accidents investigated.


The sTEP projects are funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau through a program with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This money enables more officers to work more hours on roadways all across the state during times of the year when travel increases and traffic crashes, injury and death are most probable.


“Too many people still take the attitude that it will never happen to me,” sTEP Coordinator Randy Hunefeld said.  “But fatal crashes can and do happen every day.  We’ve made a lot of progress, but there are still too many people in Iowa dying because they are unbuckled, speeding, and driving intoxicated or impaired.”


Iowa law enforcement officers need your help and are asking every motorist that gets behind the wheel to buckle up and drive responsibly.