Local Residential Motel Order Vacated

Written by Theresa Rose on March 17, 2017

A local motel has been deemed uninhabitable by both the state and the city of Mt. Pleasant.  At this time no one is being forcibly evicted from the Iris Motel on West Washington but the State Health Inspector found a long list of health and safety violations during a recent inspection.  The city did an inspection along with the State and agrees the residential motel is unsafe. Both the city and state have issued orders to vacate. According to county records the property has had 6 owners since 1990.  It was most recently acquired in 2015 by Solid Investments of Minnetonka , Minnesota. Apparently, the owners have begun some renovation work but have also appealed the orders.  The appeal will be heard by the Mt. Pleasant Construction Board of Appeals Tuesday, March 21 at 4:30 pm in the City Hall conference room.  Multiple agencies are involved in the issue.  The city has hired a lawyer who specializes in zoning and ordinance issues from a firm in Cedar Rapids.