Lee County 3rd Grade Outdoor Day

Written by Theresa Rose on May 12, 2017

On Friday, May 5, 153 students from Lincoln, Richardson, and Holy Trinity Elementary Schools gathered for the opportunity to learn about agriculture, natural resources, farm/road safety and so much more at the Lee County Fairgrounds.
Several presenters created a hands on experience for the students to learn about the following topics:

  • Crops and Soil (Paula Ellis)
  • Garden and Horticulture (Jamie Kramer- Jim’s Greenhouse)
  • Animal Care (Angie Alter and Kellie Martin- Lee County Vet Care)
  • Water Rocks! (ISU Staff)
  • Cattle (Sparky Wellman- Lee County Cattlemen’s Association)
  • How Far Your Food Travels ( Morgan Hoenig- ISU Extension and Outreach)
  • Trees and Wildlife (Clint Oldfield- Lee County Conservation)
  • Farm/Road Safety (Jason Marlow- Iowa State Patrol)

Other Volunteers: Farm Credit Services of America and Iowa Farm Bureau (Maryella Johnson and Betty Cruze)

Whitney Weisinger, Interim County Youth Coordinator, states, “These caring and passionate individuals volunteered their time to take part in educating our youth and helping our community grow. We are thankful to have such great volunteers in our community.”

The 3rd Grade Outdoor Ed Day is produced by Iowa State Extension and Outreach of Lee County. ISU Extension and Outreach is part of an educational network supported by Iowa State University, local county governments, and the United States Department of Agriculture. ISU Extension and Outreach works to provide learning opportunities for citizens of Iowa by providing unbiased, research-based information that will improve quality of life.