Leaders of the PACK

Written by Theresa Rose on October 12, 2015

WMU hosted its first quarter PBIS assembly on Friday, October 9th. If you are unfamiliar with PBIS, it stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. What does that mean for WMU? It means that we are making a focused effort to acknowledge and reward positive behavior. Research shows that rewarding positive behavior is actually a great way to decrease negative behaviors. One way that we at WMU reinforce PBIS goals is by using the acronym “PACK”. Pride, Accountability, Community, and Kindness.

The first recipients of the newly created “Leader of the PACK” awards were:
Junior High Winner, Daunte Oepping. This was said about Daunte in his nomination: “Daunte is hard-working, respectful, and gets along well with his peers. He is a well-behaved student.”

Senior High: Caitlin Jamison. This was said about Caitlin:

“She is always nice and friendly. She has never been in trouble. She just goes about her business without looking for recognition. Caitie works very hard in the classroom setting and helps others around her when needed. I have never heard her speak poorly of another student. Plus she has stayed late after her practice to work with a couple junior high kids on volleyball skills.”

WMU Staff: Mr. Hansen, who was nominated by a student who said the following: “”Mr. Hanson has great pride in our school. He has been an active fan in coming to all sporting events to support the students. He also volunteers to help out at extracurricular activities. Mr. Hanson shows kindness and tries to keep his students happy in his classroom. He is kind to each student and includes everyone everyday. He always has positive things to say and encourages us to do better (our best?). His personality is awesome!”

The following was read prior to the announcement of the “Leaders of the PACK” winners at the assembly: “In his poem “The Law of the Jungle,” Rudyard Kipling states: “For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” At WMU we are a wolf pack. In our pack, we believe in pride, accountability, community, and kindness. Pride is that feeling of happiness we get when we, or someone in our pack, does something good. We are accountable to our pack, we take responsibility for our actions. As a pack, we are a community; we are a unified body of individuals with common interests and a common history. As a community, as a pack, we practice kindness; we help others and, as a result, we accomplish great things.”

Our Wolves are strong, and together our PACK is even stronger! Great things are happening at WMU! Stay tuned for more to come.