Judge Begins Deliberations in Murder Trial

Written by Theresa Rose on May 7, 2018

Monday morning lawyers presented closing arguments in the first degree murder trial of Michael Syperda.  Judge Mark Kruse heard testimony last week in the 18 year old case of Syperda’s estranged wife who has been missing since mid- July, 2000.  Judge Kruse will now take time to examine everything presented during the bench trial, in order to make a decision on whether or not Michael Syperda caused Elizabeth’s death, if in fact, she is deceased. The burden was on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Michael is guilty.  The prosecutor presented what he believes to be evidence she is dead, that Michael is responsible for her death and whether or not he did so with malice of fore-thought that was willful, deliberate and pre-meditated.  The State’s case is based on a witness statement that Michael said Elizabeth spent the night at his house before she disappeared.  Witness statements that  Michael threatened more than once to kill Elizabeth, repeated harassing behavior in addition to angry, hostile and obsessive behavior prove he became unhinged because his wife left him for another woman.

The defense then laid out what she said were discrepancies in the witnesses’ testimonies, questioning why law enforcement didn’t retain pieces of evidence and why there wasn’t further investigation into others who might be responsible for Elizabeth Syperda’s death.  The defense also stated that just because the missing woman didn’t have contact with friends or family doesn’t mean she is dead and who is to say she hasn’t started a new life, something that her still missing body would prove rather than that she is dead.  The defense also pointed out there was no crime scene and no evidence of foul play. Plus, she said being a jealous boyfriend or husband doesn’t make him a killer.  Michael’s lawyer said there is zero evidence that Michael acted with malice at anytime towards Elizabeth. And that what the prosecution claims is malice is based on a lot of speculation and conjecture.