Is Your Pond Turning Green? Be Careful

Written by Anna Greiner on August 20, 2015

Is your pond taking on a green hue? Conditions have led to blue-green algae blooms and people and their pets are encouraged to avoid contact with it. It can be pea-green or blue-green color commonly but can also appear reddish-brown and may appear with scum, foam or with a thick mat on the water surface. It grows quickly in warm, shallow water that receives a lot of sunshine. Mary Skopec of DNR warns that this algae can release mycrosystins in the water that makes people and pets ill. She says that it naturally occurs and to not be alarmed but rather to be aware as it can cause problems such as skin irritations and rashes. The real danger comes if the water is swallowed or droplets are inhaled through swimming when symptoms can include headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, seizures, liver injury and respiratory problems. If you see the foam take these precautions ot prevent problems: don’t swim, water ski or boat and if you do come in contact, immediately wash off with fresh water. Don’t let pets or livestock get near the water either.