Written by Theresa Rose on May 7, 2018

Access Energy Cooperative joins Iowa’s electric cooperatives in thanking the Iowa Legislature for passing Senate File 2311, and we applaud Governor Kim Reynolds for signing the legislation into law earlier today. The legislation includes several sections which are beneficial to cooperative member-owners, especially with regard to rate affordability.

“Plain and simple, this bill provides much-needed regulatory parity and clarity for electric cooperatives. As a not-for-profit electricity provider, we’re in business solely to serve our member-owners with safe, reliable and affordable power. Electric cooperatives operate with a business model that is grounded in local control and governance and this bill strengthens our focus on those who hold us accountable – our member-owners,” remarked Steve Seidl, board president of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives.

Now that this bill is law, Iowa’s electric cooperatives will continue to offer energy efficiency programs to member-owners; we will further our commitment to environmental stewardship and renewable energy. The newly signed legislation will ensure that our energy efficiency programs are cost-effective – meaning that co-op member-owners aren’t footing the bill for a program that isn’t financially responsible. The legislation also eliminates time-consuming and duplicative reporting, which will save co-op employees valuable time and resources which will be directed towards further serving our member-owners.

Governor Reynolds’ signature on this bill means electric cooperative member-owners will have the opportunity for rate stabilization and energy affordability well into the future.

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