Iowa Wesleyan University receives national ranking

Written by Theresa Rose on November 3, 2015

Iowa Wesleyan University has been ranked one of the top colleges in the country for its institutional commitment to service.
The Washington Monthly, a publication covering politics, government, culture and the media, ranked 350 colleges offering bachelor’s degrees for their contributions to the public good. Iowa Wesleyan ranked 21st overall in institutional commitment to service. The university also ranked second nationally in the category of service staff, courses and financial support.
“Iowa Wesleyan helped pioneer the service learning movement nearly 45 years ago. It is gratifying to know that what Wesleyan once pioneered has matured into a model for the nation,” said Iowa Wesleyan University President Dr. Steven Titus. “This is a wonderful testament to the character of the Wesleyan community and to its commitment to serving the neighbor. We proudly accept this fabulous recognition.”
For over 40 years, all Iowa Wesleyan students have been participating in service learning and civic engagement. More recently, service learning has been integrated into the curriculum, increasing the variety and impact of service learning projects each student is involved in while linking service with academic preparation.
“Iowa Wesleyan has long been a leader in institutional wide commitment to service learning and the latest ranking is further testament to this fact,” said Dr. Dewayne Frazier, vice president for academic affairs. “Service learning is fully integrated into the curriculum whereas students must complete at minimum one service learning course per academic year of attendance to meet graduation requirements. IW was one of the first institutions to transcribe service learning and demonstrate its importance campus wide.”