Iowa Wesleyan Enrollment Surges in 2017

Written by Theresa Rose on September 9, 2017



Mount Pleasant, Iowa: September 6, 2017 – Iowa Wesleyan University is a prime example of the definition of momentum as enrollment numbers surge for a third consecutive year.  In 2015, Iowa Wesleyan achieved a record setting 51% increase for enrolled new students, followed in 2016 by an increase of 71% over the 2015 numbers.  Yet in 2017, the new student enrollment surge once again broke records making it the largest incoming class in six decades.  As a result, Iowa Wesleyan’s incoming new student enrollment has increased 162% over the last three years.  With this trend of three consecutive years of record breaking new students, Iowa Wesleyan’s overall enrollment is currently already nearing its five-year projection for 2020.


“Our students are attending Iowa Wesleyan because of our commitment to an affordable, quality education that provides personalized experience and support” said Nick Boone, Vice President for Enrollment Management.  “We continue to see a steady increase in the number of Iowa students as we have focused our strategic efforts on recruiting more students from our Southeast Iowa region.  We also continue to experience and appreciate a diverse representation of students.  Overall, we have students from 29 states and 25 countries.  Southeast Iowa is benefitting from the quality and diversity we provide as a comprehensive regional university.”


As Iowa Wesleyan marks the beginning of the 176th academic year, the surge in enrollment correlates with the successful advancement of the university’s five-year strategic plan and the mission of the university.  “We have entered into a new era for Iowa Wesleyan University; an era of growth and expansion and of high aspiration.  We have successfully completed year two of our strategic plan, Wesleyan 2020, accomplishing well over half of the initiatives in the first two years and on trajectory to complete this plan as early as next year.  We are honored to welcome this new class to Iowa Wesleyan in this time of unprecedented momentum,” said President Steve Titus.