Iowa Wesleyan College receives Enhance Henry County Foundation award

Written by Theresa Rose on January 7, 2015

Iowa Wesleyan College was recently awarded $10,000 by the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation. The Foundation awarded $109,950 to 25 county organizations. An estimated 20,000 people will benefit from the tenth round of grants to be made by the Foundation.
The 25 grants were announced at a special celebration and media advisory event held at the Union Block Building in Mount Pleasant on December 18. The event was open to the public, all grant recipients, public officials from throughout the county and community leaders.
This was the tenth time that the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation has engaged in grantmaking. The foundation applied for and received funds from the County Endowment Fund legislation.
“Our foundation received a total of $121,923. Twenty five percent of this was restricted to permanent endowment and 75 percent was required to be released through local competitive grantmaking. In addition, we took $16,189.51 from our endowment earnings and granted them as well.” said Robert Meyer, Foundation President.
“We received grant applications totaling $268,174.60. We only wish that we had more resources at the foundation because we know there are many needs and worthy projects throughout the county.”
The Enhance Henry County Community Foundation was organized by representatives from throughout Henry County. “Our mission involves helping the communities and non-profit organizations of the county,” said Robert Meyer. “We want to partner with communities and non-profit organizations to help them with programs and projects that might otherwise not be available to the individuals, families and visitors to our county.”
As an affiliate foundation, the Enhance Henry County Community Foundation can assist donors who wish to make outright and testamentary gifts of support to our foundation or other charitable organizations in the county. “It’s even possible for local charitable organizations to establish their own funds and benefit from special tax credits and the professional expertise and investment management we help provide,” said Robert Meyer.