Iowa State Penitentiary Has Moved

Written by Theresa Rose on August 2, 2015

Fort Madison, IA 52627 – The Offenders at Iowa State Penitentiary (ISP) now have a new address.

Saturday there was a highly successful statewide effort to move 507 offenders from the previous location at #3 John Bennett Lane 2 miles northwest to 2011 330th Avenue.

Iowa State Penitentiary staff were assisted by five other Iowa prisons, as well as Iowa State Patrol, Fort Madison Police Department, the Lee County Sheriff’s department, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation as well as the Illinois Department of Corrections. Over 215 people were involved in the move today.

“This is a historic day for the Department of Corrections and the State of Iowa. There was a collaborative effort between the Iowa Department of Corrections and area law enforcement personnel. Together over 500 offenders were moved from the oldest operating facility west of the Mississippi to the new state-of-art facility to ensure public safety.” Jerry Bartruff Department of Corrections

Ensuring the public’s safety was the top priority throughout the planning process. The plan to move the offenders had been discussed in great detail over the last two years. There were numerous security measures in place including support from the air provided by the Department of Public Safety. In addition public roads were monitored and some traffic was redirected.

“I would like to express my overwhelming gratitude to all IDOC staff and coordinating agencies including the Illinois Department of Corrections. Working together, the team moved over 500 offenders in a safe, secure and professional manner within six hours. This historic day marks the closing of one facility as well as the opening the new institution. This is a major accomplishment considering the maximum security population involved.” Warden Nick Ludwick

“Today the Iowa State Penitentiary in coordination with multiple jurisdictional agencies as well as support from the other IDOC facilities safely effectively executed the move of Iowa most problematic offenders. Over two years of planning culminated into the largest tactical presence that southeast Iowa will most likely ever see again. As a result 507 offenders were moved in under six hours.” Associate Warden of Security Doug Bolton.
The first of the offenders were unloaded at 6:47 Saturday morning at the new facility. Each bus load carried approximately 40 offenders. By 8:43 38% of the offenders were moved. The progress continued by 9:53am 6% of the offenders had a new address. Then at approximately 12:45 100% of the offenders were moved.