Written by Theresa Rose on June 13, 2017

By Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

It was a very warm and dry week across Iowa. Once again there were no widespread rain events during the week. There were a few isolated thunderstorms across the southern one-quarter of Iowa on Sunday (4th) and the northern one-quarter on Wednesday (7th). The most rain came on Thursday (8th) when thunderstorms were scattered across the northeast one-half of the state. Finally, there were a few isolated storms over the northeast one-third of Iowa on Friday (9th). Rock Valley reported the most rain for the week with 1.31 inches, most of which came on Thursday. No measurable rain fell over most of Iowa. The statewide average rainfall was 0.04 inches while normal for the week is 1.19 inches. The statewide average precipitation for the past two weeks (0.09 inches) is the lowest two-week total recorded during the growing season since 2002 (Aug 25 to Sep 8). The reporting week began and ended with unseasonably hot weather. Humidity was quite low through Thursday (8th) morning with a large diurnal fluctuation in daily temperatures from cool nights to much warmer days. Humidity increased beginning on Thursday and stayed high for the remainder of the week keeping overnight lows in the seventies on Friday (9th) and Saturday (10th) nights. Daytime highs reached into the nineties somewhere in Iowa every day except Tuesday while nighttime lows fell into the forties in some locations every night from Sunday (4th) night through Wednesday (7th) night. Temperature extremes for the week varied from a high of 95 degrees at Little Sioux on Sunday (4th) to a low of 44 degrees at Chariton on Wednesday (7th) morning. Temperatures for the week as a whole averaged from two degrees above normal in the far southeast to ten degrees above normal in the far northwest with a statewide average of 5.3 degrees above normal.