Written by Theresa Rose on September 7, 2016



By Harry Hillaker, State Climatologist, Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship

The past reporting week began with warm and humid conditions with scattered thunderstorms from Sunday (28th) evening through Tuesday (30th) afternoon. Dry and much cooler weather prevailed from Tuesday night through Saturday (3rd) with daytime highs mostly in the seventies. Strong southerly winds brought much more humid air into the state Saturday night and Sunday (4th) with scattered thunderstorms Sunday morning and afternoon over small areas of northwest/west Iowa. Much more widespread rain fell across far northwest Iowa on Sunday night but came too late to be reflected in this week’s crop and soil moisture statistics. There were no widespread areas of significant rain, rather hit and miss thunderstorms were the rule. Parts of far northern and eastern Iowa recorded no measurable rain during the week. The Ames Airport reported the most rain with 3.44 inches, nearly all of which fell in one hour on Monday (29th) evening. The statewide average precipitation was 0.47 inches or a little more than one-half the weekly normal of 0.87 inches. Only one week has brought less rain to Iowa in the past 15 weeks. Temperature extremes varied from a Monday (29th) afternoon high of 93 degrees at Burlington to a Friday (2nd) morning low of 46 degrees at Coggon (Linn County). Temperatures for the week as a whole averaged 0.6 degrees above normal.