Iowa College Aid releases free guide

Written by Theresa Rose on August 21, 2017

“Your Course to College” walks high school students and their families
through the steps to higher education

Iowa College Aid today announced the release of the 2017-18 edition of “Your Course to College.” This free guide helps high school students and their families navigate the complex process of getting to college. The 70 pages are divided into four chapters:

  • Get There—Year-by-year strategies for high schoolers, what courses to take, how to earn college credit early, choosing a major and a college, checklists for applying to two-year and four-year schools.
  • Afford It—College costs and ways to reduce them, how and when to file for financial aid, complete list of Iowa-funded scholarships and grants, breakdown of federal and private student loans.
  • Succeed—Making the transition from high school to college, getting involved on campus, making the most of your advisor relationship, tips for transferring.
  • Directory—Comprehensive list of colleges and universities in Iowa, including tuition, room and board costs and code numbers for ACT, SAT and FAFSA.

Throughout the guide are tips and advice from actual college students and professors in Iowa.

“The decision to go to college is one of the most far-reaching that a young person can make,” said Karen Misjak, executive director of Iowa College Aid. “This guide is meant for all high school students and their families—not just high school seniors—to help prepare them for this important but sometimes intimidating process.”

“Your Course to College” is available in English and Spanish, in print or as a digital download: