Henry County Supervisors Agenda

Written by Theresa Rose on May 17, 2019



May 21, 2019


Approve Agenda


Approve Minutes


9:00 Jake Hotchkiss, Engineer Weekly Update

Motion to Approve Patching Plans


9:15 Mobile Home Tax Abatement &

Tax Sale Certificate Cancellation


9:30 Motion to Approve Automated Doors

To be paid for by HRSA at Public Health and

Community Services


9:45 Joe Buffington Resolution recommending approval for Expansion of

Roth Farms Confinement from 992 to 1984 Animal Units

17-73-6 1201 Iowa Ave


10:00 Reimbursement Resolution declaring an official intent under Treasury Regulation

1.150-2 to issue debt to reimburse the County for certain expenditures paid in

Connection with specified Projects


Other County Business as time allows


Supervisors Sub-Committee Updates