Henry County Road Closures

Written by Theresa Rose on May 30, 2019

The Henry County Engineer is looking at repairs and hopes to open some of these roads Thursday.

Roads currently closed (5/29/2019 3:30 PM) due to water over the road:

J20 east of Lowell between Perkins and Quincy Ave

110th St – east of Oasis Ave

Marsh Ave @ 105th St

Henry-Jefferson Ave – south of Merrimac Rd

208th St between White Oak Rd and 200th St

253rd St (Oakland Mills) – Franklin Ave east

Freedom Ave (Oakland Mills) – n of 253rd St

265th St (Faulkner’s Access)

Graham Ave – east of Fremont Ave

260th St (Gibson Park)

275th St between Cass Ave and Clayton Ave

Agency Rd between Benton Ave and Clayton Ave

Perkins Rd – north of Salem Rd

Nebraska Ave – south of 220th St

Hickory Ave @ 200th St

255th St – w of Racine Ave

320th St – w of New London Rd

270th St – w of Hwy 218

Cass Ave – s of 260th St