Henry County Jail and Law Center Construction Project Update

Written by Theresa Rose on August 13, 2019

The County Supervisors received the monthly update from Midwest Construction Management on the jail project.  Project Manager John Hansen and Sheriff Rich McNamee agreed there had been a lot of progress in the last month and that the project was coming together “real well”. Crews have started the finish work in the administrative offices.  Hansen said they are also starting to pull things together on the jail side, as well.  Paving is complete and Hansen is meeting with a landscaper today.  He also said he is re-applying for a special use permit for the communications tower and will have to get quotes for tower fencing. He has been working with state fire and safety inspectors as well as the Mt. Pleasant City inspector Jack Swarm. Hansen will have to apply for a sign permit for the facility and meet with the Department of Corrections regarding gates on the frontage road on the property that were left in place for security purposes.  The sheriff doesn’t feel these gates will be necessary once the project is done. The Sheriff said he is looking at moving in sometime in October and there will definitely be a public open house.  The supervisors approved the purchase of furniture for the entire facility at at a cost of $90,000 and approved $84,000 for storage for files and guns.  July expenditures were totaled at $319,698.