Henry County Fair Projects Going to the State Fair

Written by Theresa Rose on July 30, 2015

Exhibits to be exhibited at the 2015 Iowa State Fair
August 13-23, 2015

Exhibitor Town Class
Hallie Sandeen Winfield 10302
Leah McElhinney Mt. Union 10302
Hallie Sandeen Winfield 10302
Samantha Rosell Mt. Pleasant 10302
Willow Barton Mt. Pleasant 10302
Olivia Oetken Mt. Pleasant 10302
Lindsey Barton Mt. Pleasant 10302
Elijah Lane Mt. Union 10603
Ben Schlatter Wayland 10601
Nicholas Sandeen Winfield 10602
Levi Francis New London 10603
Holly Grace New London 10304
Emily Grace New London 10304
Ben Schlatter Wayland 10304
Elizabeth Birchfield Mt. Pleasant 10304
Jenna Smith Mt. Pleasant 10304
Rachel Kuckes Mt. Pleasant 10203
Dane Sweezer Winfield 10101
Rebecca Strothman New London 10201
Jacob Bailey Salem 10206
Kirsten Smith Mt. Pleasant 10402
Tessa Smith Mt. Pleasant 10408
Anne Schnicker Mt. Pleasant 10407
Zoe Runyon Hillsboro 10407
Karley Schlee Winfield 10404
Kenzie Scott Winfield 10404
Audre Barnes Mt. Pleasant 10404
Rebecca Strothman New London 10404
Emma Smith Mt. Pleasant 10404
Olivia Oetken Mt. Pleasant 10404
Neil Davis Winfield 10404
Whitney Barton Mt. Pleasant 10401
Whitney Vantiger Mt. Union 10406
Whitney Vantiger Mt. Union 10406
Grace Scheetz Mt. Pleasant 10406
Brady Loyd Winfield 10406
Alyssa Smith Mt. Pleasant 10406
Ella Francis New London 10505
Alex Sandeen Winfield 10501
Zoe Runyon Hillsboro 10503
Allie McArtor Mt. Pleasant 10503

Communications Presenters
Educational Presentations
Becca Strothman (5 Ingredients or Less Appetizers)
Breeana Runyon (Women’s Rights)
Hallie Sandeen (Eggs)
• Representing Henry County Educational Presentations at the Iowa State Fair: Becca Strothman, Breeana Runyon, and Hallie Sandeen

Extemporaneous Speaking
Becca Strothman

Working Exhibits
Sarah Wilson and Audrey Hake (Make a Paper Snapper), Becca Strothman (S’more Mix), Jackie Tansey and Jessica Stineman (Stress Balls), Ashlyn McSorley (Card Tricks), Alyssa Striegal and Hannah Newman (Colorful Critters)
• Representing Henry County Working Exhibits at the Iowa State Fair: Sarah Wilson and Audrey Hake, Becca Strothman, Jackie Tansey and Jessica Stineman
Share the Fun
New London Lassies and Lads 4-H Club (Jokes and One-Liners)
Sarah Wilson (“Star Spangled Banner” on Alto Saxophone
Willow Barton and Kate Schimmelpfenning (Cowgirl Skit)
• Representing Henry County Share the Fun Presentations at the Iowa State Fair: Sarah Wilson

Clothing Exhibitors
Rebecca Wilson, Abby Miller, Molly Miller, Makenna Grace, Holly Grace, Saige Barron, Kirsten Smith, Kenna Smith, Justina Movall, Sophie Lounsbury, and Ella Francis
Junior Awards in the $15 Challenge: Makenna Grace, Abby Miller, Justina Movall
Junior Awards in the Fashion Review: Molly Miller, Justina Movall, Kenna Smith
Junior Awards in Clothing Selection: Saige Barron, Molly Miller, Justina Movall
Intermediate Awards:
• Kenna Smith
• Rebecca Wilson
• Ella Francis
Senior Awards selected to move on to the Iowa State Fair: Kirsten Smith (Clothing Selection, $15 Challenge) and Holly Grace (Fashion Review)