Henry County Unofficial Voting Results Updated

Written by Theresa Rose on November 4, 2020

Henry County held true voting predominately Republican as far as the state and national contests. In the State Senate District 42 race in Henry County Jeff Reichman led the incumbent Democrat Rich Taylor 5,764 to 3,756.  Reichman, who lives near Montrose in Lee County, also received 60% support from his home county to thwart Taylor, of Mount Pleasant, who was trying for a fourth term. The district covers all of Henry County, parts of Lee, Jefferson and Washington Counties.

Incumbent State Rep Joe Mitchell led his challenger Jeff Feager to return to the State House for a second term representing Henry County as well as parts of Lee, Jefferson and Washington Counties.

There were three County Board of Supervisor candidates but only two open seats the top two vote getters were

Chad White and Greg Moeller and then Dave Beaber. White received 6,401 votes, incumbent Moeller 5,267 and Beaber garnered 3,399.