HCHC Trustees Met

Written by John Kuhens on June 16, 2015

Survey results took up most of the meeting of the Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees Tuesday.  They did vote to establish an agreement with the University of Iowa Hospital and clinic to expand the Telemedicine agreement the two currently have.  HCHC has been calling the “U” for consultations and now will be able to provide video of the patient to improve the information the provider is getting.  A few more details need to be worked out, then a 90 day Pilot Program will begin , after that HCHC will be charged on a per diem basis.  The Trustees also voted to approve the medical staff telemedicine policy and also approved staff appointments and reappointments.  The HCHC Associate Engagement Survey results were explained to the board by Human Resource person Lynn Humphrey.  Devin Rhum gave an update on the Cardiopulmonary Services.  One statistic he brought out of his report was the fact the people being served are younger than ever before.    The board self-assessment survey was also discussed.  The Iowa Managed Care Medical update was also explained to the board.  The open meeting ended with reports from the CEO Robb Gardner, financial officer Dave Muhs and Cindy Cotton gave the nursing report.  The Trustees then went into executive conference to discuss patient care quality.