HCHC Trustees Meeting Report

Written by Theresa Rose on August 15, 2017

The month of July showed a decline in revenues for the Henry County Health Center. CEO Robb Gardner reported that news to the Board of Trustees during their regular meeting Tuesday and attributed it to the fact that some of the providers were away on vacation which led to a lower patient and service load.

Gardner reported on the clinic remodel project.  He said the majority of changes will  enhance 3 rooms for orthopedics. There will also be some minor changes in the women’s treatment area.  The project is still in the design development stage and could be ready for the board to take action on during the September meeting.

The board of trustees voted to change some of the verbiage in the financial assistance policy and Ok’d the renewal of the Health Enterprises Cooperative purchasing agreement. They also approved medical staff appointments and reappointments.

Gardner gave a presentation on the Iowa benchmark performance data.  HCHC overall performed well in the statistics gathered from July 2016 thru May of this year.  Improvement was shown in length of stay, e.r. visits and ambulatory surgeries.  The hospital continues to achieve 25% market share in Henry County.

Charity care is down, payroll and benefits rose  5% in the last year and a negative operating margin continues to exist.

There is a date change for the September meeting, it was moved from the 19th to the 21st to accommodate everyone’s schedule.