HCHC Emergency Room Will Have New Copayment Process

Written by Anna Greiner on October 12, 2017

Henry County Health Center will be implementing a new copayment process for Emergency Department patients. Beginning November 1, all Emergency Department patients will be asked for a copayment after seeing the Emergency Department physician.

When a patient checks into the Emergency Department and the physician completes the medical screening, registration staff will gather and verify the patient’s insurance and will request any applicable copayment at that time. Cash, check, debit, credit, and health savings account payments will be accepted. For those who are self-pay, HCHC will ask for a set minimum amount at the time of the visit and send a bill if there is a remainder left to be paid.

“Even though this is new to Henry County Health Center, other facilities around the nation have already implemented this process. Due to the rising cost of healthcare and diminishing reimbursements for hospitals, collecting copays at the time of the Emergency Department visits is one way to help reduce the cost of healthcare,” explained Karoleen Hammel, HCHC’s Revenue Cycle Director.

The healthcare industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years which have directly impacted healthcare providers and consumers. In response to this, HCHC has worked to make billing practices more transparent by implementing strategies to communicate information to patients and other healthcare purchasers in an effort to help patients better understand the total value of their care. The new copayment process in the Emergency Department is another method to assist in the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall billing process.