HCHC Dietary Department receives safety award

Written by Theresa Rose on October 24, 2015

MT. PLEASANT – The Henry County Health Center Dietary Department recently received the Safety Innovation Award at the ServiShare Workers’ Compensation & Employee Safety Fall Seminar. The award recognizes the successful implementation of significant and sustainable employee safety initiatives. As of July 31, 2015, the HCHC Dietary Department celebrated being injury free for over 17 months, and the success has continued as they now stand at 603 days of being injury free as of October 22nd.

In HCHC’s “Recipe for Safety Success,” the Dietary Department has found that sometimes in the search to improve, the basics are forgotten. So the department has experienced success in going back to the basics of training, communicating, following instructions, and making sure to use the right tool for the job.

According to HCHC Dietary Director Carmen Miyoshi, safety is always a focus in the department. In addition to in-service training, staff discuss safety during weekly huddle meetings and staff meetings. If there are changes in processes or machinery, they make sure those are communicated throughout the department using word of mouth, the message board, huddle board, and posted documents. Repetition helps makes the recipe successful. Emphasizing prevention that includes safety measures and using the right tools for the job is also vital to the recipe for safety success.

“And don’t forget positive reinforcement,” explained Miyoshi. “Another key ingredient is to watch out for our teammates. If someone sees another staff member start to do something dangerous, they speak up. We help each other stay safe which is most important of all!”