HCHC Board of Trustees Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on February 18, 2015

A very short public hearing on proposed action to approve the county tax budget was held to start the board meeting of the Henry County Health Center Tuesday, hearing no objections the board then voted to approve the budget. They will once again have the same levy as the past 9 years, there will be an increase of around $8,000 but that is because of increased valuations.
Joel Prottsman of New London took the oath of office. He has been appointed to the HCHC Board to replace Megan Wenstrand.
Two other agenda items were voted on, one approving medical staff appointments and reappointments. The other dealt with student policy that just renwed the present policy with no changes.
Andy Youngquist gave a report on the Rehab Services Department. He explained to the board how a BTE Simulator works, it simulates a number of activities that assist occupational therapy sessions in a small area. Rehab service personnell are also training to provide functional capacity evaluations that are beneficial to patients, doctors, insurance companies, employers and the legal system.
During the management reports CEO Robb Gardner expressed concern over the closing of the MHI in Mt. Pleasant he is disappointed the state did not provide adequate notice of this move and are providing no alternate plans on how to replace those services. Jody Geerts the CNO told the board that their March meeting she will be presenting a plan that forms a crisis intervention team to assist mental patients brought to the hospital emergency room. Dave Muhs CFO told the board about some major repairs to some of the ambulances, and that a new one will be purchased next year.