HCHC Board Meeting Report

Written by Theresa Rose on February 22, 2017

The Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees met Tuesday afternoon in their regular scheduled meeting.  It began with a public hearing to hear comments on proposed action by HCHC to approve the county tax budget for the health center.  There were no verbalor written comments presented.  Later in the meeting the trustees approved the tax budget, the levy will be the same as last year, but they will receive an additional $26,000 because of increased evaluations.  They will receive $943,000 total.  Mary Liechty of Southeastern Iowa Renal Dialysis gave a report on the 5 centers that serve 190 patients at this time.  The unit does operate at a profit which is shared with the area hospitals that own it, SEIRD is one of three privately owned dialysis units in Iowa.  The board voted to approve medical staff appointments and reappointment’s which included a new emergency room doctor, medical staff bylaw revisions and medical staff rules and regulation revisions, none of which were major.  C.E.O. Robb Gardner shared the Iowa Hospital Association data, also patient satisfaction and associate engagement surveys.  He also shared information about planned remodeling to be done to the Physicians Clinics to make them more visible.  HCHC will also take over the offices that were formerly used by Dr, Rupp, they will be utilized during remodeling projects and used for storage.  The board then watched an Iowa Hospital Association webcast about federal and state legislation that will affect healthcare.