HCHC Associates recognized for professional growth

Written by Theresa Rose on September 20, 2017

Henry County Health Center (HCHC) is pleased to recognize 41 associates who participated in HCHC’s Career Ladder Program. The Career Ladder was developed to promote professional enrichment and growth for every HCHC Associate. This program endorses HCHC’s vision to be the healthcare provider and employer of choice.

The purpose of HCHC’s Career Ladder is to recognize, facilitate and compensate associates for demonstrating increasing levels of excellence through personal accountability, professional practice, leadership and customer service. HCHC strives to provide opportunities for development and recognition of staff excellence. The program encourages all staff to excel at their current position or take the initiative for professional growth in their field, thereby enhancing quality of care, improving patient outcomes and promoting patient satisfaction and staff engagement and retention. Participation in the Career Ladder Program also enhances our community by advocating service and leadership in community activities and organizations.

“This is a career ladder, not a clinical ladder, which means that each and every associate is eligible to participate in the program. The program is structured yet allows associates to pursue their own interests within that structure. Associates pursue personal development in HCHC’s pillars, including People, Service, Community, Quality, Finance, and Growth. With the number and diversity of associates participating, this covers a lot.  It is impressive to see the impact this is making on both the HCHC community and the local community. This program encourages associates to stretch themselves, grow, and use their leadership skills at HCHC and in our community. Participants included nurses, maintenance, housekeeping, information technology, administrative staff and patient financial services to name a few. There are four levels available in the program, and we had participants at each level,” explained Lynn Humphreys, Human Resources Director.

“These recipients displayed through documentation that they were committed to going above and beyond the requirements of their jobs to improve themselves. Participants included those just starting the career ladder, as well as many who have continued to advance in their endeavors. This results in a better place to work and better care for our patients. The program emphasizes the high priority HCHC places on promoting careers that matter. The investment by the associate and HCHC results in achievement of outstanding patient satisfaction and customer service through the delivery of high-level care and service excellence. Our 2017 Career Ladder recipients are role models for how to work toward this goal and give back to the community.”
                 Congratulations to HCHC’s 2017 Career Ladder recipients:

Carolee Benz, Berdelle Severson, Deb Steenblock; Jill Daniel, Laurie Gotsch, Deanna Balderas; Brian Sinclair, Gale Bittle, Stephanie Gerdom;  Lara Andreasen, Ali Welcher, Todd Steenblock ; Andrea Moeller, Debra Helmerson, Casey Mangold, Devan Rhum, Kelly Carr; Mary Murphy, Gary Brose, Stacy Speidel; Sara McClure, Brent Wilson, Angie Ackles Elise Klopfenstein, Prudy Mallams, Jennifer Vantiger; Gloria Fear, Linda Veldboom; Laurie Hoyer, Jill Burtlow, Jean Glandon. Lacey Clark, Emily Curry, Rachelle Fear, Julie Humes, Jessica Wilson, Carman Davis, Maureen Ewinger, Erika DuVall.