Grill Your Burger to Perfection

Written by Theresa Rose on May 13, 2019

Fire up the grill! May is National Hamburger Month and time to enjoy a tasty burger from the grill. Whether you prefer the classic toppings or a new twist to your burger topping, hamburgers are a family favorite.Beef provides 10 essential nutrients like protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins, which provides bodies and minds with the fuel needed at all stages of life to be the best version of ourselves. A 3-oz. cooked serving of beef, similar in size to a deck of cards, provides 25 g. protein, roughly 50% of your Daily Value. Protein is one of the most satisfying nutrients and supports strong, lean bodies.

Try these burger tips when grilling for a perfect burger:

  • Be gentle – lightly shape ground beef patties using a gentle touch to avoid over-mixing, which results in a firm, compact texture.
  • Create a divot – use your thumb to create an indentation or divot in the center of the burger. This helps the burger cook more evenly.
  • Safe and Savory at 160 degrees F – use an instant-read thermometer to ensure your burger is cooked to 160 degrees F. Burgers cooked to 160 degrees F are medium doneness, giving you a juicy burger not over-cooked, but also will eliminate any possible bacteria in raw meat.
  • Spatula for turning only – pressing the burger with a spatula will cause a loss of juices, resulting in a dry hamburger.
  • 10 Burger Toppings – find a new family favorite to build a better burger.
    1. Pepperoni Pizza Burger: grilled burger covered with pepperoni. Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.
    2. Greek Burger: topped with herbed Feta cheese, black olives and onions.
    3. Caesar Burger: ground beef seasoned with garlic and black pepper, on a crusty roll, accented with Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce and avocado slices.
    4. Blue Moon Burger: grilled burger topped with Bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce and tomato served on an onion bun.
    5. Cowboy Burger: grilled mushrooms, grilled onion, bacon and Monterey Jack cheese on a flavorful beef patty.
    6. Chicago Burger: grilled beef burger with sweet relish, chopped onion, ketchup, mustard and hot peppers.
    7. Sticky Burger: grilled burger spread with peanut butter, bacon and Jack cheese.
    8. Olive Festival Pizza Burger: beef burger stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce covered with sliced black and green olives.
    9. Rowdy Reuben Burger: grilled beef patty smothered with melted Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing and zesty coleslaw, served on marble rye.
    10. Cordon Bleu Burger: ground beef patty beneath a layer of sliced ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard.

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