From the Utilities Board of Trustees Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on January 18, 2017

The Mt. Pleasant Utilities Board of Trustees met Tuesday afternoon. The Trustees took action after taking a month to consider a request from Hearth and Home Technologies to share some costs involved with the fireplace manufacturers expansion. It was not the decision the company wanted to hear but the trustees had their reasons.  Hearth and Home asked the utilities to split the cost to re-locate 1600 feet of 12 inch water main.  The Trustees said they are definitely pro business and appreciate the company’s contributions to the community.  But they felt that by helping pay for some of the costs would be a precedent they did not want to set. And, it was pointed out that moving the main would not create any additional revenue in the future for the Utilities.  Utilities manager Jack Hedgecock said there would be an effort to find ways to economize on the work.

Hedgecock updated the board on the upcoming Baker Street re-construction project.  The utilities will replace 1500 feet existing 4 inch main with a 6 inch pipe.  Crews will try to put as much of the new main in green space as possible so if the main needs to be dug up in the future, the work won’t tear up the street.  $30,000 for the project has already been included in the utilities budget.

The board received a large booklet with the details of a total system comprehensive plan for the utilities. Hedgecock worked with Jim Warner of Warner Engineering on what Warner views as a compliment to the city’s waste water system and overall comprehensive plans.  It will ensure the utilities are going down the right path.