From the Supervisors Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on August 10, 2016

Solar Feeders wants to double it’s existing hog confinement located on Hwy 218 north of 185th Street.  But one neighbor to the south is against the plan.  Rep of Solar Feeders and the neighbor were both in attendance at Tuesday’s Henry County supervisors meeting.  Henry County confinements have to be approved by the DNR. The DNR uses what’s called the Master Matrix that is based on a point system. Planning and Zoning adm Joe Buffington said at the meeting he went on the DNR site visit and didn’t disagree with the points taken but even if he did it wouldn’t matter. Supervisor approval of the expansion is merely a formality. The supervisors said they like to hold a public meeting just in case someone brings up an issue the DNR overlooked. The neighbor in this case was concerned about the smell. Buffington said odor doesn’t even figure into the DNR’s matrix.

In other news from Tuesday’s Supervisor meeting…the board approved the county engineer’s recommendation to award the bid for the construction of a territory shed on Oasis Avenue to Greiner Buildings of Washington, Iowa in the amount of $82,350.  Jake Hotchkiss also asked for the supervisors’ approval of a federal aid agreement with IDOT for the W55 railroad bridge project.  The government funds will pay for 80% of the estimated $1.5 million dollar project.