From the Mount Pleasant City Council Meeting

Written by Theresa Rose on November 12, 2020

The Mount Pleasant City Council met this week.  The Council approved a resolution that would approve the requesting of Tax Increment Financing Funds (T.I.F.) from the Henry County Auditor for FYE 2022 budget as follows.  $487,000 in District #1, $71,500 in District #2 and $25,000 in District 3/4

Under new business approval was given for an Engineering Service Agreement with Warner Engineering for the reconstructing of the remaining sections of Saunders Park road and parking area.

Another resolution passed by the City Council approves the assignment and assumption of the legal requirements for the Estate of the owners of the property of 110 N. Main to sell the property to new owners.  The City received $149,000 in funds from the Iowa Finance Authority to help the owner of 110 N. Main create upperstory apartments.  There are requirements for those renting those apartments to be income qualified.  So this agreement is making sure the new owners of the property are signing onto this responsibility.  The Iowa Finance Authority has approved the ownership transfer pending all legal items being signed by all three parties.

The final piece of business was to approve a resolution for an agreement between the City of Mount Pleasant and One Mortgage Way for the City to purchase the dilapidated house at 405 E. Cedar Lane for $4,000.